Crazy About B : Favorite Five

No, I don’t mean Beyonce. I know it is impossible to not be her fan but I am part of 1.68% of the human population who doesn’t refer to her as Queen. But by B, I mean Branding. If you follow me in pinterest and I hope you do because I pin some awesome artful things in there I wish I thought of first, you will find that most of them are Branding related.

My favorite definition of Branding comes from Al Ries  – “A brand is a singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect.”

After a good business plan should come an even better branding. I mean, didn’t you already give your heart to your business plan might as well put in your soul too for the branding, and for the entire business process and building put in your entire being.

Believe me, it was hard to narrow down my top 5 favorites. I repeatedly reminded myself that I don’t really have to do this for a post but it was either that or going through all the really good branding works. The latter is simply unappealing to me so I sucked it in and narrowed it down. That feeling might be how those judges felt on TV Talent Shows when they narrow down people and have to boot them out. I was feeling very Simon Cowell that day.


LA | Festival de Vocalistas Femeninas by Dolores Oliver29b2258390675.560bc5dca582a

My language is limited to English, my second language; Tagalog, our national language and my Bisaya, our local dialect. But this doesn’t require me to learn Spanish to see how gorgeous this is. I have a rough idea of what it’s for, but again this is me guessing, Festival for Female Vocalists, a seminar of sorts? I don’t know what they do in there but I am in. I love the use of shapes and all the other elements. It is so beautifully unbalanced but balanced looking. Get what I mean?

El Moro Churrería in Mexico City by Cadena + Asociadosf3_churreria_el_moro_cuauhtemoc_mexico_city_cadena_asociados_concept_design_yatzer

I feel like if I were in Mexico and I passed by this restaurant, I would stare at this place so long, angels would sing, my world would go into slow motion and I would hear a Spanish cursing, tons of honking for blocking the road. Then I would eat in there and also live in there forever! I cannot fathom how gorgeous this place is. I am genuinely out of words. Branding wise, they definitely knocked this one out of the ballpark.

MQ – Transforming Mental Health by Heavenlymq_transforming_mental_health_04

Mental Health is an issue and I feel that no one really bothers with it sometimes. It’s so easy for others to give out pamphlets explaining it but in a really dull, unattractive and non-interactive way that nonchalantly says, “Just read this and get over it.” But this one, just staring at it makes you happy, like someone cares and likes to genuinely help those that have these issues. It’s a nice interactive take on medical / health campaigns and you can see that they put so much heart and thought into this. If I were handed these or saw their campaign, I would probably be giddy and start inquiring so much about volunteering or how to help spread mental health awareness that their customer service will complain about me.

Lite Luxe branding, stationary and website by Smack Bang DesignsLL-brandSuite-close

Clean and sophisticated wins over cluttered anytime, anywhere. Not to mention, the color palette is perfection. This screams ‘Clean!’ which it should be because this is a women facial/ skin line brand. I don’t personally know this product but I already trust it. Branding does that to a company. How they present themselves, how they talk to people, how they address concerns, how they feature their products and how they personify their values MATTERS.

De:Block by Warren Teyc6ac2f16565935.562adf70d2387

This branding work literally had a head to toe make over. From Streets to the top of the building, it is pure genius! This is for a graphic design exhibition and I’m sure that the artworks are all well curated because their event collateral’s are already winning.


Branding does wonders to a company. But please remember, because I think people forget most of time that Branding is not your logo or your colors, it’s a collection of what the brand is about. It INCLUDES the logo and the colors but it is also the values, how you work, how you want to be perceived, your vision, your goals, your core. It is how you differentiate yourself from other competitors. I’m not going to tell you that if you succeed with good branding you are going to be successful. Business in general is a lot of work and like I said it would require sacrificing your own being and especially sleeping, not even to perfect your business processes but to keep it going and to innovate, to make sure than in the future you will gain back all those sleeping hours.

However, you will never gain back your soul. Hahaha. I’m kidding. Relax. Cake? Great! Death loves cake, let’s ask him to join us. Hahaha. I’m sorry for teasing. I have a horrible sense of humor.


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